Officer elections for the Future Society of Central Oklahoma board of directors are held annually in August. Board members volunteer to serve a one-year term. Current FSCOK board member job descriptions are available here.

If interested in serving on the board, volunteering for FSCOK events like SoonerCon, or to submit agenda item requests or other inquiries, please complete the form on our Contact page.

August 2021 – 2022

Carmen Bryan, President

Zac Hallows, Vice-President

Aislinn Burrows, Secretary 

Matthew Cavanaugh, Treasurer

Brian Scoles, Member-at-large

Past Board Members

January – August 2021

Carmen Bryan, President

Zac Hallows, Vice-President

Ken Chalker, Treasurer

Aislinn Burrows, Secretary

Chelsea Haldane, Member-at-large (February – October 2021)

Kimber Chessmore, Member-at-large (January – February 2021)


Perrin Smith, President

Carmen Bryan, Vice-President

Matthew Alfred, Treasurer (until August 2020)

Ken Chalker, Treasurer (after August 2020)

Howard Wilson II, Secretary

Kimber Chessmore, Member-at-large


Leonard Bishop, President

Perrin Smith, Vice-President

Matthew Alfred, Treasurer

Shai Fenwick, Secretary

Brittany Ellis, Member-at-large


Shai Fenwick, President

Brian Scoles, Vice-President

James Smith, Treasurer

Robert Raymond, Secretary

Perrin Smith, Member-at-large

2016 & 2017

Mark Alfred, President

Brian Scoles, Vice-President

Annette Asprin, Treasurer

Shai Fenwick, Secretary

Robert Raymond, Member-at-large