NAMI OKC Presents Thank You Card

One of the primary reasons for the existence of the FSCOK is to provide resources for charitable contributions within the State of Oklahoma.  Over the course of its history, SoonerCon has contributed to several Oklahoma charities and causes.

Here’s an overview of SoonerCon’s community support since SoonerCon 1 in 1986:

Convention’s NameYearCharityCharity Donation
SoonerCon 11986Oklahoma Pediatric Cancer Association 
SoonerCon 2: “Pure Con Extract”1986Oklahoma Pediatric Cancer Association$180
SoonerCon 31987Oklahoma Pediatric Cancer Association$1600
SoonerCon 4: “Women’s Contributions to SF&F”1988YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter$900 (+ $200 to Warren Norwood fund)
SoonerCon 51989YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter 
SoonerCon 61990YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter$2000
SoonerCon 71991AIDS Support Program (The Winds House for AIDS patients) 
SoonerCon 8: “First Fandom”1992AIDS Support Program (The Winds House for AIDS patients) 
SoonerCon 91993



Citizens Caring for Children 
SoonerCon 101994Citizens Caring for Children$1100
SoonerCon 111995Oklahoma City Community Foundation’s “Survivor’s Education Fund”$950
SoonerCon 121996 $700
SoonerCon 131997Infant Crisis Services$600
SoonerCon 2006: “Lost Worlds”2006Citizens Caring for Children$1000
SoonerCon 2007: “Visitors from Beyond”2007The March of Dimes 
SoonerCon 2008: “Pieces of ’08”2008The March of Dimes 
SoonerCon 2009: “Slideways in Time”2009Infant Crisis Services 
SoonerCon 2010: “A Bubba Odyssey”2010Infant Crisis Services 
SoonerCon 20: “Heroes and Villains”2011Infant Crisis Services$1170
SoonerCon 21: “I’ll Be Back to the Future”2012Infant Crisis Services$1400
SoonerCon 22: “Beyond Thunderdome”2013Anna’s House Foundation$1400
SoonerCon 23: “Darkness Falls”2014NAMI OKC Metro Affiliate$4000
SoonerCon 24: “The Future Is Under Construction”2015NAMI OKC Metro Affiliate$3000
SoonerCon 25: “The Silver Age”2016NAMI OKC Metro Affiliate$5000
SoonerCon 26: “Welcome to the Show”2017NAMI OKC Metro Affiliate$7000
SoonerCon 27: “Beyond the Veil”2018Positive Tomorrows$6100
SoonerCon 28: “Brave New Worlds”2019Positive Tomorrows$7000
SoonerCon 29 did not occur due to the global pandemic.2020 & 2021N/A
SoonerCon 30: “Heroes Homecoming”2022Bridges of Norman$6000

(This list is incomplete due to a lack of surviving records of SoonerCon’s earliest years.)

To raise funds for our selected charities, FSCOK puts on several different events.  While our primary event, SoonerCon, raises funds through its charity auction, it also contributes a portion of the membership proceeds. We also have other charity-dedicated events, such as gaming days, whose proceeds are used to boost the contribution amount for the year.

Want to donate to support FSCOK? We accept monetary gifts throughout the year to support FSCOK’s operations and community outreach, as well as collector’s items donated for our annual charity auction event at SoonerCon. Email for more details.